Huge over the top weddings where you drop a pretty penny just to keep up with the Joneses is becoming a thing of the past.  Zero waste eco weddings are coming up in a big way in 2020. It’s all about reducing your carbon footprint while still having fun when you say “I do”.  There are number of things you can do to reduce the environmental impact of your big day. First, we recommend using only compostable and biodegradable dinnerware. Of course, we’re going to recommend our palm leaf plates because they are made from naturally fallen palm leaves, without the use of chemicals, and because they are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. They are heavy duty so your guests will be pleased and they’ll be talking about how cool the plates are. Second, paper invitations are not an eco-friendly option when you consider the paper, the ink, and of course the delivery of these to your friends and families homes. In 2020, we can do better by using paperless invitation through a number of different online sites like or The best thing is to consider every choice and the impact it can have on the planet. Supporting local sustainable companies is something every bride and groom should consider.

palm plates wedding